Thursday, 28 April 2011

Marketing Strategies

At first we will introduce our product into the market however only supply shops with a limited amount of product. Once demand has increased to a high enough amount for us to start making profits, we will blast the market with several copies of the game and by this point the game should be a sell out.

Once the product has sold out, we will then have a follow up game ready to produce, by the time this is out people will be ready for a new game release so this will provide them with many more adventures, even better than the first ones, in worlds of all different genres. If the first release was a success, this should also be very successful and should hopefully carry the same amount of demand the first game did, if not more.

We will advertise this product firstly on games websites which children of this age will play on, a few examples of this are Mouse-breaker, Mini-clip, Goochicoo. Once advertised subtly on these websites, advertisement will then be taken a step further and published on television. We will mainly target children's channels however will also advertise on regular channels, mainly ITV and Channel 4 because both children and adults watch these channels. This will also gain the attention of adults and they may recognise this game due to it's educational message alongside the fun.

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