Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Games Britania

1. Fantasy was the first genre mentioned, and the evolution from board games to a video games experience in which there is no clear winner or loser but more a journey of adventure. this is replicated in games such as lord of the rings. Racing games were also mentioned and the competitive nature of them changed the games industry.

2. Character development has evolved over time, and the audience is supposed to form a relationship of care with the character to an extent at which they act in the interests of them. this has been taken to an extent at which you have the option to determine the appearance, clothing etc of your own character and make the decisions for their destiny.

3. There is technological development in the industry in that consoles have a variety of components, and within the games n that there are various things you can do in the game, an example of this is GTA which combines different aspects of many games in an urban dangerous world.

4. criticisms of the games industry include that the involvement in games and characters has become so much that people are influenced to an extent at which they can attempt to replicate the violent or criminal behaviour of characters in the game.

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