Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Games Brittania

What different genres of game are discussed?

  • Fantasy e.g. World of Warcrafts
  • Action e.g. Grand theft Auto (GTA) and Carmageodan. 
What does the documentary say about character development?
  • The players can relate to the characters and can be emotionally tied to them.
  • The games tell a story and supply the players with background information on the characters life.
  • Characters developed from fictional figures into 3D people, such as Lara Croft.
  • The characters became more attractive in order to entice the 'nerds'.
  • Players are now able to have more control over the characters i.e. they can change their clothing e.g. in Grand Theft Auto the player can change Nico's clothes.
Does it discuss technological developments and advances in the industry?
Yes. The documentary discussed the history of the gaming industry from the first ever gaming consoles to the current homing devices. 

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