Thursday, 28 April 2011

Celebrity Swap Shop Pitch

 Our idea was based on a popular kids play book, where you had to mix and match different body parts on a picture. We thought of making an iPhone app for the book, called celebrity swap shop. The game will have a point system for matching the correct bodies together. One point for matching 2 correct body parts and two points for a correct whole body

Our game is directed at casual gamers aged from 10-20 as the celebrities will be well known to this age group. The game is a simple idea and not to be played seriously making it perfect for this target audience.

 Our Games unique selling point is our media convergence because we have exclusivity on the celebrities and characters we are using in the game. 

Our product will have no packaging as it will be purchased of the online apple App store.

The poster shows the prototype of the game and how the app would work. It shows an example of what the game is capable of. The poster also contains some brief information about what the app is about and what console formats the app is for. The app has downloadable content where you can download different versions of the game in occurance to events, such as the royal wedding. One can transfer images from your iPod/iPad into the app so you can create your own personalised version of the game.

We would market our App through, teen magazines, and also through kids Tv channels.

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