Thursday, 7 April 2011

Football Manager Research

- Published by SEGA, original (1982)
- Originally devised by Eidos Interactive, now by Sports Interactive.
- Firstly only for PC use, however now available on consoles and their are branches of the game available for download on iphone and other mobile phones. Also can be played on PSP.
Online adaptation in Football Manager Live, create a team to play other peoples teams.
Unlike other games the main changes are with squad and rule updates, as well as some adjustments to the detail in terms of tactics and new feeds. Also the method in which you watch the games has changed and there are many ways you can now including 3d mode.
FM-BASE.CO.UK- huge fan-base forum where discussions include tactics, possible improvements and comparisons of teams.
starting price generally between 25 and 30.
Available at retail stores such as game, hmv and game station, as well as various supermarkets. Online stores such as, eBay and amazon.

Trailer 2011:
various men giving their opinions in terms of tactics, players, formations etc, designed to induce debate and competition. Appeals directly to men, stereotype enhanced as only men featured in advert.

'everyone has an opinion, theres only one that counts-yours'- focuses on element of control and providing people with the power they have always wanted to make the decisions. Again an applicable characteristic of men stereotypically to be dominant and in control.

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